Frequently Asked Questions

What is coworking?

Coworking is an alternative to working from home or from a dedicated office, sitting somewhere in the middle. Think of it like having a gym membership – while you could do the same thing independently, being a member is meant to provide more than just the space and tools…it provides motivation and community to help you achieve your goals. At Makeshift, we provide high speed wifi, desk space, bottomless coffee and tea so that you can work in a productive environment.

Who's behind Makeshift?

We’re Rachel and Scott – two former city professionals who escaped to Cortes for a few years before settling on Quadra. We have been fortunate to see opportunities for freelancers and remote workers explode in the last few years – which has led to us growing our own freelance projects into a virtual agency, This Is Big.

When we first moved out this way, internet options were still pretty limited (in part because we chose one of the most isolated cabins available in our already remote island wilderness) but we were able to make it work and keep projects going. We wanted to open Makeshift to make it easier for anyone else considering working online, trying to make freelance life work or those who feel isolated working solo all the time.

Why not just work in a cafe?

We love cafes! So much so, we’ve set ourselves up in the same building as our favourite coffee shop (we recommend the sunriser sandwich). However, we know better than most that while the coffee is excellent and the wifi solid, the atmosphere can be both energizing and difficult for getting work done. Especially when you find yourself on the occasional (or frequent) conference line or video call. Timing brilliant commentary between the hum of the espresso machine is a skill we’re proud to semi-retire.

How do I access the space?

All members are oriented and trained on how to enter and exit the building. We don’t use keys at Makeshift as they’re one more thing to manage and possibly lose! We use a code system you can use to unlock the door from your phone – or if you don’t have a phone that can access the internet we will set you up with a pin code to use on a touchpad by the door.

How do I connect to the internet?

An automated members connection is in the works, in the meantime we will have a rotating password that will be made available on the main room table.

When are you open?

Drifters and Nomads are welcome Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. Makers have 24 hour access to the space – access on weekends is dependent on space availability due to workshops. Email us at if you have particular needs and we’ll do our best to make the space as flexible as possible.

What should I bring to work at Makeshift?

Your laptop, ear buds for personal tunes, a mouse or keyboard if you like having those around and a lunch (or swing over to Aroma Cafe or Kameleon). We provide the wifi, desk, coffee and tea.

Can I bring a monitor or set up a second screen?

No, unfortunately our space is limited, shared and designed for laptops.

Do you have a spare charging cords/mouse/cell phone charger?

No, we don’t keep spare chargers or equipment around – though for fellow deskmates may have one to spare if you forget something at home.

I just purchased a drifter day pass, when does it expire?

The drifter day pass starts the moment you purchased it and expires at midnight.

What’s the difference between your membership tiers?

We offer three different levels of membership –

  • Drifter: day pass for $15/day
  • Nomad: five day passes for $50
  • Maker: monthly 24/hr access for $150/month

We debated and considered carefully how many options to offer – which started out as ten different variations. Too many choices. Ultimately, it made sense to offer a day rate for unpredictable/rare instances where someone just needs a quiet space with a productive energy to get things done. Knowing that this might be a semi-regular occurrence could lead to investing in a five pack of day passes, to use as you see fit for 30 days from the time you purchase it.

Finally, our Maker tier is the ultimate in flexibility and accessibility. Come and go as you please knowing that there will always be a spot waiting for you just when you need it.

If you start to look into co-working, you’ll see there are dozens of variations that come up depending on the type of space, community and needs of the members. We have some ideas for ways to add additional options based on what Quadra needs – so if you have ideas too, we’re all ears.

How do you bill for coworking?

Our memberships are on a month to month subscription billing from the date you signed up.

Do you offer discounts if I pay for the whole year?

Yes, we offer a 15% discount on annual Maker memberships. That’s a $405 savings for the year – or nearly two months off your membership!

Contact us at if you’re interested in signing up for a year!

What are the rules?

Everything you need to know about coworking etiquette, you learned in Kindergarten. Mutual respect and personal responsibility are the main tenets of coworking. Respect the limits of your membership choice, be polite and courteous, clean up after yourself, share the space, and enjoy yourself.

Can I rent the space if I’m not a member?

We do require that you signup for a free Friend of Makeshift so we can email you space information. Space rentals are available on weekends only. Email us to find out more.

Do you offer trial days?

Yes, we offer one scheduled trial day per person. Email us to find out more.

Can I bring my dog? What about my kids? Goats?

We have to leave our dogs at home, so we ask that you do as well.

How do I schedule a tour of Makeshift?

Send us an email and we’ll set up a time to meet up with you and tour the space.

We heard something about beer on tap…what’s that about?

Yep, we’re working on this as a slush funded perk by donation. Bear with us while we iron out the logistics to make this possible. We love beer – promise, this is a priority.

I talk on the phone a lot. Is that going to be a problem?

That might depend on what you mean by “a lot”. Co-working spaces work best for those who are mostly at their computer working independently. We have call rooms that easily accommodate two people for 1:1 meetings. While call rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis, we do ask that you remember others may need to take a phone call as well. If the call rooms are full and you need to make a call, please use the back boardroom space.

Can I use Makeshift for my business address and mail?

We’re considering offering this as a perk – is it something you’re interested in? Let us know!

What kind of networking opportunities are available at Makeshift?

We host monthly events to mix and mingle as a community as well as invite potential members to come have a beer with us before taking the plunge. A calendar of upcoming workshops, roundtables and fireside chats are coming together – if you’re interested in hosting or have an idea for an event, give us a shout! We’re always interested in hearing ideas.

Where do I store my personal belongings?

At this time, we don’t offer locker space. Is this something you would be interested in? Let us know – it’s an idea we’re exploring.

How do I cancel my membership?

Let us know in advance of your cancellation date. That’s it!

Do you ever void memberships?

Part of what makes coworking work is embracing the wonderful diversity of the community we want to develop here. That being said, if someone is detracting from the community then we will respectfully try to resolve things. If that doesn’t work then we reserve the right to part ways.